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    The cast itself did a pretty good job of imitating a lot of the reactions you’ll typically see in anime, and throughout the series, I really couldn’t fault the acting at all. To be close to her idol, high jumper Izumi Sano, she’s going to an all-guys’ high school… and disguising herself as a boy! Let’s check them out! Facebook. Description : Japanese-American Mizuki has gotten herself into a high school in Japan… but not just any school! Good, but dragged … User Comments [ Order by usefulness] You must login to comment for this series! She began to idolize the young athlete, but Tae-joon suffered an accident that could potentially end his career. X3 [32x.] Nov 20, 2015 - A 2007 Japanese Drama. Dormitory 2’s leader, Ha Seung-ri (Seo Jun-young), assigns Jae-hee to Tae-joon as a roommate. Look How Close BTS’ V and SNSD’s Yoona! While I was initially supposed to be putting up my post about the Otaku roadtrip that took place 2 weeks ago, Kitti’s review of the the Hana Kimi manga made me think that this would be the perfect follow up. While at one or two points there seemed to be a little bit of stiffness, it seemed like it was more deliberate rather than actual discomfort on the part of the actors. Will it be enjoying if I watch it on net or in … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. or. The series was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air Chinese Television System from 19 … Create New Account. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Live-action drama. Xem thêm ý tưởng về live action, cosplay, manga. Highest Rated Films 2018. The story starts off … It is a revival of the same-name 2007 drama series, also based on the manga Hana Kimi, but it starred a completely new cast. The part of Sano Izumi was portrayed by Oguri Shun. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? The manga consisted of 23 volumes, which I haven’t read yet, but I do know that only 12 episodes – even if they are 45 – 50 minutes each – are going to miss out on a lot of the story. Oblivious to the fact that their daughter is going to atten… Forgot account? Featured Trailers. … One day, she saw a track and field competition on TV and became inspired by a high jump gold medal competitor, Kang Tae-joon (Choi Min-ho). Create New Account . over 11 years ago. That tiny change already made the live-action seem so much better. Accessibility Help. DoramaKu Adalah Situs Download Drama Indo Movie & Live Action Subtitle Indonesia Secara Gratis Juga Tersedia Drama Korea Terbaru dan Terupdate The story follows young Ashiya Mizuki, a young Japanese American who transfers to Osaka High in order to get her … They found out about each other’s secrets and they got closure. The characters are also basically the same. The Korean series is the fourth television adaptation of the manga after the Taiwanese version, Hanazakarino Kimitachihe; the Japanese version, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, and its 2011 remake, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. The Korean version tells the story of Goo Jae-hee (Sulli), a Korean girl who lives in the United States. You must already know about these popular dramas from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, based on a Japanese manga, Hana-Kimi. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hana Kimi (or rather Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) didn’t have a huge variation where music was concerned – the music was primarily a variation of one central theme that managed to be quite catchy and perky. or sano? Hana Kimi Live Action. Years later, she does research on him and discovers that he is currently attending Ohsaka High School. 175 titles 156 loves 2. Amnesia. Basically, it’s the same story as the previous drama, only the cast is different. These links may provide me with some income if any purchases are made after clicking on them - these funds are used to maintain the site and its hosting server. or. In the original manga, the reason Mizuki attends the school to get closer to Sano is that she idolizes him. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Versions of the K-Drama ‘To The Beautiful You’: Differences Between the Korean,... Fanboy Goals! Imagine if that girl disguised herself as a guy just to be in the same school??? The Taiwanese live-action left with Xiu Yi not telling his secret to Rui Xi, and he also didn’t tell her that he already knows about it. So I finally got off my butt and made HanaKimi ones. Mizuki has quite a job to do to hide her feminine side, and the actress, Horikita Maki, managed to do a very credible impression of a rather feminine boy. Log In. The school is unfortunately an all-boys school and Mizuki convinces her parents to send her to Japan by herself. While I was initially supposed to be putting up my post about the Otaku roadtrip that took place 2 weeks ago, Kitti’s review of the the Hana Kimi manga made me think that this would be the perfect follow up. For the Japanese live-action, they are more focused on side-stories in the beginning and then fall into the whole “high-jump” thing. Tae-joon, disgusted with having a roommate, challenges Jae-hee to score a goal in a soccer game in order to be admitted as his roommate. Nous pouvons y retrouver Jōsuke Higashikata (Kento Yamazaki) et Jōtarō Kūjō (Yusuke Iseya) durant une scène où Angelo utilise son « Stand » pour attaquer Jōsuke et Jōtarō.. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond wa … In the Japanese live-action, they appear in every episode and are almost like main characters. See more of Anime & series Japan live action TH on Facebook. The premise is about a girl who disguises herself as a boy to enroll in an all-boys school, so she can get closer to her favorite athlete. There were so many side characters and they kept re-appearing, making the story less focused at the beginning. Apr 1, 2014 - Explore Jennifer Harlan's board "hana kimi <3" on Pinterest. Hana-Kimi School Manga Gets Live-Action Korean TV Show (Mar 10, 2011) Japanese Comic Ranking, September 20-26 (Sep 29, 2010) Japanese Comic Ranking, September 13 … trên Pinterest. HANA KIMI (Live Action Anime) Rating: ★★★★★ Category: Other: Imagine a girl who falls in love with a track star, a continent away, on the other side of the world? All this to meet her favorite athlete, Sano Izumi (Nakamura Aoi), a high jumper who was injured and left the sport. Rich Guy/ Poor Girl . Japanese drama- Hana Kimi Disclaimer - I don't own the content of the video Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below! The ending was open for a sequel, but sadly the production team didn’t have an interest in making a sequel of the series. The story follows young Ashiya Mizuki, a young Japanese American who transfers to Osaka High in order to get her idol, Sano Izumi, to take part in high jumping again, since she blames herself for his quitting the sport. Whereas in the Taiwanese live-action, they come and go respectively, they appear for their own story and then never come again. Did I have any gripes with the show? Hanazakari no Kimitachi e aired in Japan from July 2007, and has managed to garner itself a couple of rewards at the 54th Television Drama Awards – Best Drama Series, while Horikita Maki won the Best Actress Award, and Ikuta Toma (who played the part of Shuuichi Nakatsu) won the award for Best Supporting Actor. Utile. A TV Special has already aired with the regular cast reprising their roles. 10-05-2017 - Khám phá bảng của Thư Hàn"Hana Kimi!" Register an account. The series itself is a definite winner. The adaption was aired on Chinese Television System (CTS) and Gala Television (GTV) Variety Show/CH 28 from November 2006 for 15 episodes. But in the Japanese live-action, Sano actually saved her life when Mizuki was attacked by some thugs, and in the process, he hurt his leg which forced him to quit high jumping. It is based on the comic by Hisaya Nakajo, published in English as Hana-Kimi. There’s no big and bold manga text or manga “expressions” being thrown around at every given moment, and when it does, it does not come … See more of Anime & series Japan live action TH on Facebook. Her secret does get discovered quite early on by the school doctor, but her sincerity manages to convince him to let her stay in the school and he helps her to keep her secret. Jump to. I just hope they make an anime out of the manga soon. Most Popular Vampire. Full Profile of BLACKPINK Members (Age, Waist Size, Roles, Height, and... Before and After Blackpink Member’s Plastic Surgery. But as fate would have it, they’re more than classmates… they’re roommates! See more ideas about japanese drama, hanazakari no kimitachi e, hana. Each version has its own charms, so which version is your favorite? See more ideas about japanese drama, hana, hanazakari no kimitachi e. Hana Kimi (2006) Details; Episode Guide; Cast; Reviews; Recommendations; Photos; Edit this Page. À ses 16 ans, elle décide donc de s'inscrire dans le même lycée que lui et de devenir son ami(e). So, I ordered the last two books and read them insanely quickly and absolutely loved them. Not Now. I'm a dedicated anime junkie, avid gamer and terminally excited Vocaloid fan. We provide you with the latest Korean news. Most Popular Action Dramas. May 26, 2014 - Explore Nataly R's board "Hana Kimi" on Pinterest. Hana Kimi managed to fill quite a bundle of genres in one single package – managing to fit comedy, drama, romance and even a bit of silliness – as you progress through the series, you’ll see a lot of little effects typically found in comedy anime (including blushing). Sections of this page. Sign Up. Edit Information. Hana Kimi Parmi eux - Hanakimi Çiçekler Senin İçin Açtı ... Hana Kimi Live Action. Hana-Kimi basically tells the same premise in each adaptation about a girl who disguises herself as a boy to attend an all-boys school so she can get closer to her favorite athlete, but there are also some differences in each version of the adaptations. As you can see, definitely a show you shouldn’t be missing out on. Drama : Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Année : 2007. Noona. Sano Izumi is the silent type who just wallows in his self-pity and sometimes makes the viewers frustrated with his passiveness. pretty please, I want to know who would end up for ashiya, it is nakatsu? Jul 7, 2016 - Explore Vanessa Ramirez's board "Hana Kimi ", followed by 274 people on Pinterest. Envoi de commentaires … The ending was quite different in both versions. Hottest Airing Dramas. Hana-Kimi. Now, Mizuki...Continue Reading → See more ideas about Japanese drama, Hana, Drama. hana kimi live-action a'kum n ello.. just surf the blueverry site...something surprising though..another one of my favourite manga will adapt to a live-action drama..haha..! I know a site were there is a complete episode for hana kimi, I just want to take a poll if its okay FOR YOU if I watch it on net, since it's airing here on the television. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with everything you need to know about the differences between the Japanese, Korean, and Taiw… … Jae-hee meets Tae-joon at Genie High School, who is repulsed by her behavior and befriends Cha Eun-gyeol (Lee Hyun-woo) after a brief brawl in the bathroom with an aggressive muscle boy. That’s why Mizuki, who felt guilty, chose to attend the all-boys school, so she can convince him to do high jumping again. over 8 years ago. The story itself was engaging, and it was actually quite difficult to stop watching after one episode and get on with other (relatively) more important things :). The 2011 Hana-Kimi drama starred Maeda Atsuko as Ashiya Mizuki, Nakamura Aoi as Sano Izumi, and Miura Shohei as Nakatsu Shuichi. En lire plus. Hana Kimi [TW] vostfr Synopsis : Il y a trois ans de cela, en Amérique, une jeune fille du nom de Lu Rui Xi vit, à la télévision, le champion de saut en hauteur des collèges Zuo Yi Quan qui devint alors son idole. Who would end up for ashiya? and will you help me? This is not so much of an issue itself, but there is one big problem – Osaka High is a boys-only boarding school. That might not sound convincing or realistic at all. Therefore, to see Tae-joon jump again, Jae-hee disguises herself as a boy and attends the same school as Tae-joon. Does anyone know where i can watch the Hana Kimi Japanese (not the tai) live action series with english subs? She was amazed by his performance and begins following his athletic career. Channel-Korea is your Korean news, entertainment, music & fashion website. Filming locations include the Ryutsu Keizai University. To The Beautiful You (Korean: Areumdawoon Geudaeege) is a South Korean television drama featuring the late Sulli, Choi Min-ho, and Lee Hyun-woo. Le staff du live-action du manga de Hirohito Araki, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure : Diamond Is Unbreakable vient de révéler deux visuels du tournage. Hana kimi. Starting on August 15th, 2012, on SBS, this drama is taken from the Japanese shōjo manga series, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, written by Hisaya Nakajo. Hana-Kimi has been adapted into several live-television dramas: 2006 – Hanazakarino Kimitachihe. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e: Ikemen Paradise, also known as Ike-para, is a Japanese drama produced by Fuji Television and first aired on July 3, 2007. Nah, bagi Anda yang merasa bosan dengan adaptasi anime/manga yang hanya berbentuk 2D saja, kini Anda dapat menonton film live action untuk melihat versi 3D dari seri tersebut. !...last time,it was hana yori dango...and now,hana kimi...and i know that taiwan already made hana kimi..but hani said the drama was not as as good as the manga...anyway..the japanese now realize that … over 12 years ago. See? Ashiya Mizuki est une jeune japonaise qui a vécu en Californie. Jika sebuah karya cukup terkenal dan laris di pasaran, kemungkinan besar seri tersebut bisa mendapatkan adaptasi live-action. Live Action Shoujo Manga. I'm permanently trying to find that point at which a human being can officially overdose on anime - haven't gotten there yet. Mizuki therefore disguises herself as a boy, transfers into the school, and ends up, of all things, being Izumi’s roommate. Log In. That’s why Mizuki, who felt guilty, chose … Posted on May 29, 2008 May 29, 2008. Focusing on the relationship was more enjoyable to watch, you can witness how Quan slowly falls more and more in love with Rui Xi and then the little stories pop up, coming and going, yet flowing very nicely all together. In the original manga, the reason Mizuki attends the school to get closer to Sano is that she idolizes him. Meanwhile, the Japanese live-action ending seems more satisfying. Hana Kimi on the other hand has live action meeting anime effectively; it is over the top with very enthusiastic and passionate acting across the whole of its cast while including beyond bizarre and silly humour, but it’s never too much. Recently Watched By. That might not sound convincing or realistic at all. Best Action Films. This is the first verion of Hana Kimi I watched, I have watched all of them and I'm currently watching the Korean version thats airing at the moment. First off I want to say that all the versions are totaly different from each other and are great in their own right. But, in the Taiwanese version, Quan is not exactly like Sano Izumi and his other counterparts in the Japanese version. It was based on Japanese shōjo manga series Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, more commonly known as Hana Kimi, written by Hisaya Nakajo. This series is unbelievably funny, cute, and unique. Press alt + / to open this menu. Hana Kimi doujinshi. over 11 years ago. Ashiya Mizuki (Maeda Atsuko) is a girl from high school who dresses up like a boy to attend the Sakurazaki Academy, an all-boys boarding school. This has been bugging me for years... WHERE'S THE ANIME? Full Disclosure: From time to time I will link to products or services in my posts. Quan is not like that, he’s more outgoing, nicer, and overall more enjoyable to watch. They actually did – in my opinion – a sterling job of taking a story on paper and converting it to the screen. And that was all the information we have gathered for you about the differences and the similarities of each version of the Hana Kimi live-action. The Japanese live-action is more focused on the side characters, like the dorm heads or the photographer. I recently got around to rereading the series and was disappointed to discover that I didn't have the entire series! It starred Ella Chen of S.H.E, Wu Chun and Jiro Wang of Fahrenheit and Danson Tang. That's pretty much the plot of Hana Kimi. K-Drama Review: Of Love and Revenge in ‘The World of the Married’, A Successful Actress and Singer, Here Are Apink’s Jung Eun-ji’s Top Songs and Dramas, The Handsome Ahjussi: Hyun Bin’s Sexy Abs and Best Style Choices, BTS Member’s Profile (Age, Birthdays, Religion, Height and Facts). Meanwhile, for the Taiwanese live-action, they got the whole high jump thing over with all nice and fast, and then they focused more on the developing relationship as well as the side stories (in which the characters left and appeared respectively). But in the Japanese live-action, Sano actually saved her life when Mizuki was attacked by some thugs, and in the process, he hurt his leg which forced him to quit high jumping. Now, Mizuki needs to persuade Izumi to start jumping again, while somehow keeping her actual gender a secret. Hana Yori Dango (花より男子, Boys Over Flowers) is a 2005 Japanese television drama series starring Mao Inoue, Jun Matsumoto of Arashi, Shun Oguri, Shota Matsuda, and Tsuyoshi Abe.It is based on Japanese shōjo manga series, Boys Over Flowers (花より男子, Hana Yori Dango), written by Yoko Kamio.A sequel entitled Hana Yori Dango Returns aired in 2007 and a movie …

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