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    When Amazon SES sends your message, however, several factors can prevent it from being delivered successfully, and in some cases you will become aware that delivery failed only when the message you send does not arrive. With customs chaos and high transport fees, international shipping has always been a challenge for all online sellers. From high-rise buildings to garden-style apartments, Amazon Hub Apartment Locker is a comprehensive package pickup solution (for Amazon and non-Amazon packages) that frees up your building staff from daily package management and allow residents 24/7 … Same thing happened to me. At my old place, there was not parcel box. We ship to lots of apartments without signature confirmation and have never had a problem. I have all my Amazon packages delivered to the main office of my apartment complex, since there's almost always an employee there to receive them. ... Relevance. A Hunch. About Apartment Locker. What should I do if my apartment manager won't give the code for the gate so Amazon can deliver my packages? The Next Monday. UPS, FedEx they deliver to addresses , so in turn they delivered to the post office address & the post office goes ahead & put it in your box or leaves a slip, if it’s oversized & you pick it up either the counter or at a designated box that they have left you a key for… Lv 7. If the package didn’t fit in your box, a card was left for pickup at the nearby postal outlet. It isn’t my problem whose signature it is, and it’s a non-issue according to Amazon. The easiest thing to do is stop having your packages delivered to your house. Becky Blanton, who has worked seasonally in the shipping departments at major companies like UPS, USPS and Amazon.com for the past 20 years, shares with us her tried-and-true tips for getting packages delivered to your apartment. Ask Your Property Manager My last order came in one of those perforated Amazon envelopes, and it was torn so that they could see the contents. Instead use a Amazon locker or Hub for delivery. When I contacted those USPS offices I was told by their postmasters that they have instructed their carriers not to deliver to apartments due to a high volume of theft or missing packages. 3 months ago. I had a customer claim INR with signature confirmation - opened a case with USPS and that post office called me back to confirm that the carrier didn’t follow their COVID instructions, they just signed and left the package without checking if someone is home. OP, each apartment will be different depending on the boxes inside, management, and theft issues. So, today the router is due to arrive at my … Even shopping services with huge domestic inventories can find that international orders bring more hassle than they are willing to deal with. Favorite Answer. Amazon.co.uk Today's Deals Warehouse Deals Outlet Subscribe & Save Vouchers Amazon Family Amazon Prime Prime Video Prime Student Mobile Apps Amazon Pickup Locations Amazon Assistant Help & Customer Service Proof of delivery is proof of delivery. In any case, you can be assured that your email will be sent. Why won't Amazon ship to my address? The other item, a Christmas present, I’m having sent to me via normal delivery – for a start Amazon won’t allow that to go to a pick-up point (no idea why) but also it’s small and unlikely to need a signature, so I suspect that will be posted like normal. I have had 6 different shipments to 6 different states in the last week or two where USPS tracking shows “available for pick up”.

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