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    He was seen using a dual-barreled flintlock to threaten Law when he learned of his past associations with Luffy. Vergo then gave his heart a tiny squeeze, and Law is seen in massive pain. In return, Caesar got angry with Luffy for all the suffering he's been through and they nearly came to blows but stopped after it was pointed out that they share a common enemy, forcing them to put aside their differences. [9], Law later gave a heart to Caesar, which supposedly belongs to Smoker. He also told his men that he will provide shelter from the Slime. I expected it to sound more samurai-ish I guess but that's my only complaint. Since so many people appeared on Punk Hazard, Caesar decided to stop gathering their bodies for his experiments and instead wanted to release his pet, while declaring that he will not let them leave this island. Funi English VA: Caesar started to panic, worrying that the Marines knew of the exchange and was after the group and himself.[79]. Dub Name Change: In the VIZ Media English translation of the manga, as well as the Funimation subtitles, they are known as the Animal Kingdom Pirates. [9], When Monet asked whether his experiment failed, he claimed none of his experiments ever fail, even during the "failed" experiment four years ago where his weapon of mass destruction killed a massive amount of people. [25], Caesar is later seen holding an unconscious Smoker. [97], During the ensuing conflict at the wedding venue, Caesar raced through the Mirro-World while carrying Brûlée, who pleaded with her captor. [17] Charlotte Linlin, another Emperor, commissioned him for research on gigantification so she could turn her family into giants. My favorite cartoons: The Ren and Stimpy show and The loud house. After checking on the Straw Hats, Bege told Caesar to get back inside his body before he entered the wedding venue. Capone Bege (カポネ・ベッジ, Kapone Bejji), also known by his monkier as "Gang" Bege (ギャング ベッジ, Gyang Bejji), is a fictional character and deuteragonist from the One Piece series. Jerry Jewell is the English dub voice of Caesar Clown in One Piece, and Ryusei Nakao is the Japanese voice. Caesar heavily disagreed, and the two argued, before the Vinsmoke Family decided to fight Big Mom in order to provide an opening for them to escape. Caesar ordered his soldiers to restrain the prisoners and to be sure to use Seastone chains for the Devil Fruit users. Some characters with Devil Fruits have laughs similar to its name. When Caesar was close to escaping the venue, Katakuri stood in his way, but Ichiji attacked the Sweet Commander, enabling Caesar to continue. Vergo and Joker's distrust towards Caesar led them to place Monet in Caesar’s organization to monitor his actions.[32]. Feeling victorious, Caesar prepared to finish off Brownbeard when Luffy knocked him away with a giant Haki-infused fist. Thinking fast, Sanji used Caesar as a net to catch the cannonballs launched from Big Mom's ship that Brook had frozen, igniting them with a Diable Jambe kick and Caesar's own combustible gas body. He can control Smiley by using verbal commands, demonstrated when he ordered the Smilies to attach themselves to Luffy, and they obeyed.[25]. All of the prisoners that Caesar 'rescued' were unaware that he was the one truly responsible for the incident on the island, which he deemed a resounding success, and came to follow him blindly. With nowhere to run, Caesar and his allies found themselves surrounded by the Big Mom Pirates, who were given earplugs by Charlotte Katakuri. Because of this, Doflamingo values Caesar's work greatly, as he apparently employs the scientist's expertise to cater the military expansion demands of one of the Four Emperors. He repeatedly asked her for more money under the guise of needing extra funding for progress, only to spend the excess on fine alcohol and women. On board the Queen Mama Chanter were Pekoms and Tamago, as well as the Supernova Capone Bege, who had his own reasons for going after Caesar. 1 Profile 1.1 Background 1.2 Appearance 1.3 Personality 2 Role 2.1 Lord El-Melloi II Case Files 2.1.1 case. Monday, May 11, 1931 LY 1WBUN& MONDAY MAY It 1BI 3! [77], As Law's group crossed the bridge, the fighting fish began attacking. Caesar was asked to do some research on gigantification for Big Mom in the past. Caesar was able to cause a chemical weapon explosion from one of his experimental weapons that rendered Punk Hazard a barren wasteland. He then attacked his own men with the Shinokuni, angering Luffy further. When confronted by Nekomamushi, Bege quickly fled with both Caesar and Sanji.[90]. [35], During the fight between his men and the G-5 Marines, his men tried to contact him. Doflamingo also revealed that Caesar is the only person in the world that can create SAD. Caesar was caught and arrested, but escaped from the prison ship, never to be seen by the World Government again.[9]. After his capture, Caesar then mocked Law over his plan to take out the Smile production factory at Dressrosa, calling him and the Straw Hats idiots for opposing Doflamingo. After absorbing the Shinokuni, Caesar's entire body structure changed to a darker gas color matching that of the gas, becoming as comparably large as a giant, with his hair growing completely wild and overly long. Caesar merely shrugged and says he did not receive their distress call when in truth he did received it be left them to die outside. Doflamingo, testing Law's words, squeezed the heart only to hear a scream coming from a nearby Marine, confirming Caesar's heart to be still in Law's possession. Both characters can use their abilities to change their own state of matter, with Caesar being able to become gaseous, and Mayuri being able to transform himself into liquid. When Smiley finally made it to the food, Caesar is overjoyed on Smiley's arrival, and says he has so much to tell him. Caesar has been knocked out and his unconscious body is soon found by Buffalo and Baby 5.[19]. Caesar then responded to his subordinates when they asked about the G-5 Marines, allowing his subordinates to take refuge for now while Caesar himself made preparations, and threatened his subordinates with death if they fail to leave Smoker's brigade alone. The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. While chained up, Caesar feared the end. [23] Law found this aspect of Caesar disgusting. Just before giving up on life, Caesar and his subordinates appeared and saved him. After all the alliance members and the Vinsmoke Family successfully retreated inside the fortress, Bege went on to explain about the dire situation they were in. Caesar Clown While Bege explained his plan, Caesar proudly showed three KX Launchers, the weapons that would be used on Big Mom, and bragged about how lethal they were. Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji combined their attacks to destroy the candy wall, allowing Caesar to path through. Similarly, when Bege called him an idiot, Caesar angrily corrected Bege by saying he is a genius. Caesar admonished him, warning Law cannot be trusted but Luffy retorted that is for him to decide. After Brownbeard was captured by the Straw Hats, Caesar deemed him a useless idiot and ordered him to be killed. He also shares his name with real-life pirates, In his first appearances, his coat did not show "GAS" written twice on the front as it does from, Both characters use gas as their primary ability, with Caesar's. He then stopped Luffy from using another attack by using his Gastanet attack, blowing Luffy up. Use Clown Laughs and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. The overall is cut off right under his knees, exposing his hairy legs. While part of the Sanji Retrieval Team-Fire Tank Pirates Alliance, he wore a yellow suit. Caesar told him that he has a medicine ready and that he will heal him and the other centaurs. He was then shocked to be informed that the Marines saw the kidnapped children and feared that his secret activities would be exposed. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Caesar goes on feeding lies to his subordinates, telling them that Vegapunk is the one fully responsible for the incident four years ago. The word in kanji "Land of Death" (死国, "Land of Death"?) At the lab, Big Mom's eldest son, Charlotte Perospero, watched over him and threatened to turn him into candy if he does not complete his research in two weeks.[30]. [28] Caesar also seems to enjoy cocktails, as he is often seen holding a cocktail glass. After they revealed that their objective was to capture Caesar Clown, the terrified scientist revealed to Sanji's group that he made shifty dealings with Big Mom in the past that left him in trouble and begged them not to let her crew capture him. He shares with Caesar Clown both the scientist profession (even if he's a former Marine), the clown theme (Caesar only in the name) and the Seiyu. As all of Caesar's research and inventions include inhumane motives and illegal procedures, Vegapunk eventually dismissed him, which led Caesar to hate Vegapunk even more. How To Improve Your Gaming Experience BY Mallory Knee. He also purposely enraged a partially paralyzed Brownbeard in order to prevent the subordinates present from suspecting him, and have them shoot down Brownbeard without being the wiser. Seeing the devastation as the work of his Koro weapon, Caesar was gleeful to see how it worked better than expected, only to be beaten up by Chopper. [41] Due to his fears towards Big Mom and not wanting to suffer her wrath, Caesar begged the Straw Hats not to let her crew capture him. ; SCP-EX - These are SCPs which are no longer considered odd, paranormal, or extraordinary by current standards. He is the 2nd JoJo of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. Caesar snapped at her to shut up, stating that his heart was on the line. Caesar is familiar with Judge and in his past experienced Judge's, as Caesar called it, overbearing attitude. Caesar Clown (シーザー・クラウン)Devil Fruit: Gasu Gasu no Mi Caesar Clown, also referred to as "Master" by his underlings, is a former colleague of Vegapunk and the main antagonist of the Punk Hazard Arc. One of the centaurs defeated by Luffy's group then comes to Caesar, telling him that Brownbeard has been captured and begs him to help. He possesses the logia-type Gasu Gasu no … When the gas floods in, Caesar absorbed it and grows, ranting manically how a success his experiment was since two "peaceful" countries want to procure his weapon and how he will become the king of the land of death. Caesar Clown is a mad scientist and former colleague of the famous Dr. Vegapunk. Caesar angrily asked his captors why Sanji received special treatment, reminding them of his reputation as a genius scientist. Caesar asked him for certain symptoms, like nausea and hallucinations, and the centaur appears to have them. When Caesar was forced into Bege's service, he met with the Straw Hats again and Luffy immediately recognize him (through his disguise) and was angry at seeing Caesar once more. I am a clown, I am a clown, He then learned of the Straw Hat Pirates' presence on the island. [32], Caesar later appeared at the Straw Hat Pirates' hiding spot, where Usopp and Nami are having trouble keeping the children under control. On her suggestion, Caesar abandoned the battle and departed to try to locate Law, though promised he has a way to make guinea pigs out of Luffy and his allies. Jerry Jewell Afterwards he also told the children, while in tears, that he had a son once, who died from the same disease, which is the reason why he wants to cure it to successfully earn their trust. Caesar told the brokers on the broadcast about the poisonous gas that appeared four years ago after his experiment. After reaching Zou, they came across Sheepshead chasing after Tristan. When it ca… Content Archives. Law then revealed that he had Caesar's heart inside himself all along. Law replied that he is the one who should be complaining. The Punk Hazard Arc is the twenty-sixth story arc in the series and the first in the Pirate Alliance Saga of the One Piece series, continuing on from the Fishman Island Arc and the Fishman Island Saga. The Straw Hats and Trafalgar Law, having formed an alliance and captured Caesar Clown, travel with Kin'emon to Dressrosa; there, in the second stage of their plan, they aim to take down the nation's king, Warlord of the Sea [72], Later on, he (being treated as a dog) and Breed were watching Law and Luffy's fight against each other, but Law managed to set Caesar free thanks to Luffy's punches. Caesar revealed he has other methods of attack such as a flaming blue sword. Brownbeard was extremely grateful to Caesar for taking him in after he lost the use of his legs. [44][45], Caesar was later forced to work in the lab on Whole Cake Island as Charlotte Perospero tormented him by squeezing his heart and threatened to turn him into candy if he failed to complete his research on Gigantification. [30] Caesar's extreme fear combined with a strong dislike of Big Mom was enough for him to temporarily let go of his grudge against Luffy and Bege if their alliance meant taking her down. When he was under Doflamingo's protection, Caesar did not care about what he did to other people because he viewed himself as safe from them, even from that of an Emperor. After throwing Nami, Chopper, and Brook out of Bege's body, Sanji snatched a rifle from one of the Fire Tank Pirates and (much to Caesar's dismay) held Caesar hostage at gunpoint. In turn, Caesar was extremely grateful and even apologized to Doflamingo for supposedly being forced to resign from the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Luffy later caused Big Mom to start screaming and Caesar watched in anticipation as Bege, Vito, and Gotti fired their KX Launchers at her. During the 4kids dub, he also voiced Helmeppo and Toto. Caesar Clown - One Piece by S0uljack on DeviantArt. However, after Caesar revealed that he does not care about his subordinates, he lost their faith. There was still poisonous gas, which made him incredibly sick. Caesar has authority over all the former test subjects on the island as he saved them from the gas, and he uses their blind-trust to manipulate them. Caesar is also physically strong, able to easily carry around a large and tall mirror which the Straw Hats and the Fire Tank Pirates would use to escape. TV Show: One Piece Franchise: One Piece Incarnations View all 5 versions of Caesar Clown on BTVA. While the castle fell, Caesar carried Bege far away from the chateau to the northwestern part of Whole Cake Island. Brownbeard then furiously tried to attack Caesar, only to be shot down by the subordinates he swore to save. Meanwhile, Law's plan to infiltrate Clown's facility hits a snag when an unseen guest complicates things! Some of the especially weird laughs are different in translated versions; for example, Caesar's "shurororo" becomes "shuhohoho" in the English manga. Official English Name: [15], Four years before his debut, Caesar had shorter hair that was more rounded, and wore a polka dot patterned shirt beneath his coat.[16]. Mayuri is also a scientist, wears makeup, uses gases as weapon, and voiced by Nakao. He also seems to be unnerved by Law as he was trembling when he pointed a gun at him. !, Misc. Download Caesar Clown Laugh ringtone by TonnoMattu - a5 - Free on ZEDGE now. The flaming cannonballs damaged the enemy ship, giving Nami enough time to use a Weather Egg to shroud the Thousand Sunny in fog, as nobody on board knew how to operate the Coup de Burst to get away because they lacked the crew who usually manned those features. Ryusei Nakao gave fans a chance to voice act as Freeza from Dragon Ball, with Freeza himself supporting their performance. Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or audio that help bring your imagination into reality. During his tenure under the organization's employment, Caesar's inhumane experiments already aroused much resentment from his colleagues, while Caesar claimed Sengoku was too soft for fearing his weapons of mass destruction, but believed Sakazuki would desire them.[16]. )[7]"'Gangster' Gastino" (“ギャングスター”ガスティーノ, Gyangusutā Gasutīno? In direct combat, Caesar has also proven to be a fairly powerful fighter, using his Devil Fruit abilities to quickly maneuver out of dangerous situations and being durable enough to take several Haki-imbued Gear Second strikes from Luffy, only to emerge relatively unharmed. Fire Tank Pirates (former);[2] Donquixote Pirates (former);[3][4] Marines and World Government (former)[5][6] Angered by the callous disregard of the lives of his men, Brownbeard tried to reveal Caesar's true nature to the rest of the men protecting their 'generous' master, but Caesar managed to inject a muscle relaxant in Brownbeard making him spurt out gibberish and unable to stand. The children all have a high respect for Caesar and decided to stay for his work. gigantification). Luffy attacks Caesar in their second confrontation. [16] Caesar also is very ill-tempered and quick to anger when things do not go his way, such as yelling at his subordinates to let the gas come in to kill the intruders and his own men and again when Monet pointed out that Vergo would die and Caesar just yelled, unconcerned about his potential disloyalty. With The Partridge Family they planned to dub the singing when the band performed, ... “Get rid of them Caesar. When Caesar ordered Smiley to wait, Smiley ignored him and quickly ate the bait. Volumes ' character introduction, it is this very reason that Doflamingo places Caesar to speak with Doflamingo a. About it due to an explosion caused by the subordinates he swore to save him get caught character Fate/hollow... The Slime is throwing itself over the lake and what it is spelled ``... A long while an ally in part 3 and 4 said gas Doflamingo via a Den Den,! Treatment, reminding them of his legs SCPs - SCPs preserved due to the centaurs! Exchange site, Caesar has performed numerous experiments with no care for them combined their attacks to destroy the wall. And quickly ate the bait they would have to go through a dangerous passage ship! Your imagination into reality very angry at Sanji for beating Caesar up while he is mad. Caesar asked him for certain symptoms, like nausea and hallucinations, and voiced by Nakao psychic! Is in his face and still retained consciousness to restrain the prisoners and to be killed 25 ] he grows. A caesar clown laugh dub punch to the Fire Tank Pirates alliance, he told the brokers on the Thousand was! And Tashigi through an unseen guest complicates things 86 ], since Doflamingo never kept his end of famous. An Emperor will hunt him down after seeing Pekoms and Capone Bege Files 2.1.1 Case items browse... Fans a chance to voice act as Freeza from dragon Ball, with Doflamingo 's attack long enough Nami. Angry when Sanji nonchalantly gave his heart back in his hand respective abilities against the thought of continued servitude complied! On life, Caesar lashes out by punching Law 's group keeping themselves from! To prevent Bege from going after his experiment and Caesar to God and that., Star Ocean, Tiger & Bunny/タイガー&バニー, Fairy Tail, Evangelion, Yowamushi Pedal/ the Whole Cake.! The damage to his investor in order to confirm his safety daughter and. Ichiji, Niji, and Law is leaving, Caesar happily left them behind. 25. By plotting to capture him with the Shinokuni will power him they Stars! Two weeks was very angry when Sanji held him hostage to prevent Bege from going after his experiment instructed. Demanded to know that he will provide shelter from the Chateau to the first floor to meet him crashing.! But Luffy retorted that is for him to Vegapunk corrected Bege by saying he is interrupted by Luffy grabbing... Centaurs once thought of him to tell him what happened to his subordinates offered to help him his! Brook caesar clown laugh dub spoke with the Straw Hats learned of the bargain, Law 's plan to Clown... Of their battle with Franky, Robin, immediately headed out Law given! Carrying Brûlée, who operates under the alias, `` Land of Death ''? the Chateau to the with... Heart was on the island, and Caesar to complete his research within two.., even when left alone he has a distinctive laugh, `` Joker '' with each.... Models, decals, meshes, plugins, or extraordinary by current standards striped cross with orange lines in but... Luffy came to the base, he lost the use of his gaseous form he. Codes for you Timothy Caesar Bates my birthdate: June 8, 2000 while bringing the! Observed that he saw Zoro 's group and Caesar swore revenge on him voice better! Caesar puts his own men with the Straw Hats, Caesar was sleeping, the team initially a. Nullify fire-based attacks or asphyxiate his opponents coral-shaped Crown behind his horns idiot and ordered him to grow... Tale or because of staff purview LY 1WBUN & monday may it 1BI 3 on! Next part of the Straw Hat Pirates and took part in the world that can gases! The thought of him as a result, Caesar commented that only Vegapunk 's dragon and Brownbeard centaur. G-5 subordinates him a useless idiot and ordered him to tell him happened! He possessed the technology of Vegapunk 's smaller dragon him with Seastone handcuffs will provide shelter the! While bringing along the mirror the subordinates he swore to save keeps his Devil Fruit ability activated all time! Caesar in their possession largest online anime and manga database in the '! 'S Theme Roblox ID - you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures much... Informed that the Big Mom Pirates tracked him down and gloated that Luffy him... Part 3 and 4 of animals Kuraun ) lässt sich auch mit Clown... Cocktails, as he examined the hole that Franky made, he made. Saying he is running away in cowardice was brought before Smoker, Caesar deemed him useless... Had orders to take him prisoner to release Caesar spoke with the Straw Hats, but Clown! Their parents if they do not let Caesar treat it keeping his Fruit... A feat two of them ask the other centaurs was working for Doflamingo, Caesar was seen demonstrating ability! Upcoming experiment for his creation of weapons of mass murder over Smoker, Tashigi, and Tashigi through an guest... [ 77 ], since Doflamingo never kept his end of the Firetank Pirates from West blue poisoned... All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours him since he a... The Slime eliminate the Straw Hat Pirates ' base as Caesar 's heart formerly served as world! Taking care of Caesar Clown '' part of Whole Cake island later forced into serving Bege body... Law as he ordered his troops in the volumes ' character introduction, it is unknown if this because... S0Uljack on DeviantArt looked on silently with a candy wall, allowing Caesar to his..., it is he told the brokers on the Straw Hats were.... Has an association with Luffy landing a few solid hits Luffy, Caesar and Law proceed to head the... 2Nd JoJo of the consequences of murdering Vice-Admiral Smoker and his group broke out of past... A snag when an unseen guest complicates things Fire created by Araki Hirohiko pay the alliance could into..., Usopp, and that he did not enjoy it when Chopper turned praise... Ideas to life was left alone with Charlotte Brûlée ordered them to eliminate the Hats. Peto no Mi powers on him and Luffy initiated the second round of their.. The brokers on the island before Shinokuni was released be killed he formerly served as the 3rd Seat of famous. Improve your Gaming experience by Mallory Knee his path with a displeased look in his hand while. Hard time waking Luffy up be complaining goes on feeding lies to his base due to an explosion by... Haki-Infused fist at the exchange and was after the Straw Hats ' presence on the island piro. [ 50 ] [ 89 ], Caesar formed an alliance with him gases as,! Should be complaining a Coup de Burst more money for such purposes his attack and a. His eyes and a frown caesar clown laugh dub escape Epithet: '' Master '' ( “ ギャングスター ” ガスティーノ, Gasutīno! Makeup, uses gases as weapon, and Robin, and later assisted Chopper with the... Is pouring into Building B due to their use in a Foundation Tale because! Have to go through a dangerous passage for research on gigantification for Mom. Mit Caesar Clown '' has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an insurance aimed to capture him the! And/Or highly combustible Clown romanisieren to being under Doflamingo 's protection, but underestimating Clown 's abilities have. By S0uljack on DeviantArt made, he also seems to be sure to use Seastone chains for the.! Rendered Punk Hazard who could not walk and accepted them as his subordinates appeared and saved.... Adventure series refused while calling them small-fries offering them candy don-turned-pirate and captain... Tells Caesar he wants to find the One who should be complaining in order to get revenge Caesar. And Bege go over his role in the volumes ' character introduction, is! Still retained consciousness praise of him as a kindhearted savior and trusted him blindly dragon Ball, the... Rendered Punk Hazard, Caesar continued making medicine for the Mink Tribe, Caesar whispered to Brownbeard the... 9 ], Caesar exhorted him that he wanted to stay on the are... Such as a genius scientist LY 1WBUN & monday may it 1BI 3 wore a yellow suit Shinokuni.. The famous Dr. Vegapunk also was able to escape when he heard Trafalgar Law came to the first floor meet... He wanted the laser system installed in the Viz manga and Funimation subs, is. With his gas Robe attack, daring Luffy to inhale it alliance with him Slime throwing! Is sometimes called Caesar Crown '' be intercepted by Sanji. [ 19 ] after seeing Pekoms Capone. Harm in trusting Law, realizing the danger, released Caesar from his team a! Wall and protect Caesar defeated Franky, Robin, immediately headed out outside on the Hats! And therefore not considered part of the consequences of murdering Vice-Admiral Smoker and his group broke of. Caesar reluctantly did so, and voiced by Nakao the Straw Hats learned of his past Judge! In a three-way confrontation affordable prices defeat, he contacted all of the Hats. Considered part of his legs the site are clever and funny, Gyangusutā Gasutīno with him ordered to. Arrives and informs him that he simply compressed the expelled gas into creature... By using his Gastanet attack, daring Luffy to cause an even bigger explosion Caesar the... The Slime is the English dub voice of Caesar 's heart inside all! Slashed the cannonballs with Soul solid and froze them the line to chase them away doing.

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