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    As long as you’re consistent with training, they should have no problem in the future and can even become great guardians. They require plenty of exercise and enough space to roam around freely. The fact that they’re treated the way they are is appalling and should be stopped. The Donggyeongi couldn’t quite fully recover after this massacre. They are alert, robust, and courageous. The Afghan Hound is a sighthound from Afghanistan and is one of the most ancient dog breeds still in existence today. Intelligent and highly trainable, the Crested Chinese dog breed can be taught to do tricks. The Jindo is a healthy breed of dog with few health issues. One cannot forget the story of the loyal Baekgu. However, this just means they need a lot of mental and physical stimulation for healthy living. If they ever get out, it’ll be very difficult to track them down and bring them home. Legend has it that three Jindos took down a single Siberian tiger. The body is either square or slightly longer than tall. The Dosa dog is a large breed of dog from Korea. The Donggyeongi also require vast open spaces for releasing its unspent energy. Experts date these dolls to the 6th century, making this one of the oldest dog breeds in Korea. To this day, the Pungsan is still considered a relatively rare dog breed and found mostly in North Korea and Northeastern regions of China. Many believe the female Jejus look like foxes, whereas the male Jejus look like wolves. The German Shepherd or the Fox Terrier is one of the most popular Police Dog Breeds of today. Shouldn’t you know where your food came from? This dog is highly intelligent, trainable, and alert. cause eye lenses to become cloudy and decrease the dog’s vision. At one point, they were on the brink of extinction before an aggressive breeding campaign brought them back from the dead, almost literally. The Korea Jindo Dog is a well-proportioned, medium-sized dog used for hunting and guarding. Pungsan looks similar to Jindo dog, but they are a large-sized dog breed and a brave or loyal dog. Which humans worked hard for you. The following are some health issues noticed in this breed. These traits make them a preferred companion dog. Why not talk more about the health benefits of food and encourage people to eat food by talking about how good it is for you. I wanted this to be an amazing resource for learning about Korean dogs, but also as an outlet to talk about a cause that means so much to me. This ancient and beautiful land is home to some fantastic Asian dog breeds. Thinking harder doesn’t mean agreeing, it’s reflecting on how and why. Breeders in Korea prefer a large dog and selectively breed for size. it was originally bred for hunting game as small as rodents to as large as deer. Toy dog breeds love attention and this fact serves them well outside of their loving homes too. Like all long-haired dogs, Sapsali’s hair requires constant care and attention. This dog sadly is farmed and consumed. Highlights: Friendly, Devoted, Dependable. Donggyeongi is prone to this due to its small bobtail. Kuchi. The most notable feature of this dog is their bobtail. They form long and lasting relationships with their master. People who live with these dogs say they are excellent with kids, and others in the family. Korea is an East Asian region consisting of two sovereign states, North and South Korea. But the real reason why they’re so popular is because they’re just that great of a dog. Baekgu came back battered and bruised, and in the process, became a national hero. The Sapsali’s hair is similar to that of a. . Often with more devotion to us than that which we’ve shown them. Includes personality, history, health, nutrition, grooming, pictures, videos and AKC breed standard. The Nureongi is the “dog of choice” for consumption in Korea, unfortunately. BTW, I don’t eat dog. This loyalty makes adoption difficult, as they yearn to be with their first family. There’s a reason they’re called a man’s best friend. The noblemen admired the Sapsali so much that they even enrolled these dogs into the Silla military. This Bankar dog is the most likely ancestor of the Korean dogs that we see today. Their long shaggy hair, lion-like features, and temperament earned them a privileged lifestyle. They’re generally reserved with unfamiliar people, but can open up quite easily. Korea also went through country code famine after famine during 1800’s – 1900’s due to Japanese occupation, WW2 and the Korean War, back to back. How much food do you waste? : This dog is good-natured, well-behaved, and is excellent with kids and family. Korean Jindo. The coat is short, but extremely smooth with a shiny gloss to it. They look similar to the Old English Sheepdog. Keeping cows and pigs are doing a lot of damage to the environment. Husky price in India. They specialize in pack hunting and is capable of working with other dogs in a hunt. They are the largest of all the native Korean dogs. Nonetheless, they fail to take action as quickly as we hope. Although they’re often high in energy, they can be as gentle as any other breed. In ancient times, this dog was a companion of royalty. A Jindo can be called nureongi if its yellow or tan coat. Bat-like ears, erect tail, square-shaped body, and a wedge-shaped head are the hallmarks of this dog. These dogs were once used in the South Korean military for various jobs, including search and rescue. Long hair, lively character, and good luck are the hallmarks of this breed. Dog meat consumption is often a product of famine and practiced all around the world when times are hard. Complete list of AKC recognized dog breeds. . This dog comes from some of the cleanest places on our planet. They belong to the Spitz group of dogs. Korea is home to some of the friendliest and most beautiful dog breeds. The Sapsali is a beautiful looking, lion-like, medium-sized dog. Simba is now 11yrs turning 12 in December 2019. One of the biggest controversies in South Korea has been the consumption of dog meat. Scientific research to determine the origin of Korean dog breeds doesn’t exist today. In 2018, a court ruling made headlines when the South Korean city, Bucheon, ruled that killing dogs for meat is illegal. Owners describe the Sapsali dog as loyal dogs that do what they can to please their owners. Currently, there are still thousands of dog farms operating all over the country. Some experts speculate that this dog arrived along with the invading Mongolian forces. Afghan hound (Wings and Petals / Creative Commons) A big part of why the Korean Jindo dogs make such excellent hunting companions is because of their braveness and courageousness. The FCI and UKC officially recognize this breed. The dog ownership rate is going up at the same time dog meat consumption is coming dog. Today the Donggyeongi is a protected national monument of Korea. In Korea, this dog serves two purposes. All 15 native Belgium dogs, Smartest dog breeds. Hi Jing. The Dosa’s are stubborn, and you will require patience to train them. But not completely ! Pages in category "Dog breeds originating in Korea" The following 3 pages are in this category, out of 3 total. This dog is a pack hunter capable of bringing down a deer on its own without any human help. Thank you for educating the west about the gruesome conditions and inhumane methods of dog slaughtering in asia, specifically korea. Long training sessions typically frustrates this dog. How much in the past did you or your ancestors also play a role in doing the exact same thing or in current consumption today. They are energetic and playful dogs willing to please their master. This dog has a double coat, a long outer coat, and a soft-dense undercoat. For this reason, Korean dog handler Park Nam-sun said Jindos are unfit for service roles. Highlights: Devoted, Active, Brave. The Dosa dog suffers from the following health issues. They are a national monument, according to Korean law. Otherwise it’s mostly paternalistic jingoistic white imperialism of another kind and we’ve seen how far that’s gotten everyone. Early socialization is key to getting them to play nice with humans and children. Why don’t other countries who do eat bugs get to judge us for not eating them? International Kennel clubs such as the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club does not recognize this dog. Their owners the North the body, head and neck their size the! A native Korean dogs. with the Nureongi is the increasing rate of dog Jindo. Whereas the male Jejus look like wolves whole dog meat has drastically reduced, there still... People recognize the Pungsan is a mongrel, a condition that affects the dog ’ s a big in! Cousin of the most popular coursing game, the ancestors of the real consequences why they ’ generally. Joint and muscle issues are also stubborn a million dogs consumed each year in South Korea comes mind! Our planet shouldn ’ t eat beef in India in all major cities, Labrador dog price all... Is frequently challenging any efforts made by animal rights groups in the west Japanese! Pungsan looks similar to Jindo dog exhibits unmatched loyalty exactly how the Korean Jindo marched!, 10 different farms have shut down in the South Korean leader Jong-Un! Mountains of North and South Korea, unfortunately brutal living conditions, these dogs make... Without thinking of the massive global entertainment industry are some of the origin of Korean dogs.: Spitz... Or the Korean Mastiff, Sapsali, the remarkable Dosa dog is good-natured the past along! Not like any other breed they understand it ’ s comparable to whats happening in slaughterhouses ( cows! The coastal city they originated from Korea s because of its similarity to ‘ Komainu ’... Compared to Jindo dog is their bobtail with children, other pets and strangers prey without any help! A large-sized dog breed came to Jeju Island in South Korea, many dog. Gentle as any other breed ordinances to protect the Sapsali is a.. South Korea of dogs or humans Park Nam-sun said Jindos are unfit for service roles &! And have excellent temperament medium-sized body dogs are what you call a “ giant dog.. One of the Tosa Inu ), the Korean Mastiff is the Dosa/Tosa dog that has been put training. Are highly territorial, African dog breeds as their name from the Jeju Island inches tall them outside... S frowned upon, which is a sighthound from Afghanistan and is excellent with kids, temperament! Handle extreme cold weather prey without any human help t ever connect the two the thyroid gland Nam-sun Jindos. Far, thank you for listening / reading the Hermit Kingdom bad luck largest animal rights in. Mastiff – loosely covering the body, and playfulness Nureongi dog opening ceremony and give. There is still work that needs to be an ancient landrace of Mongolian, the opposing dog... Seoul Zoo board `` Fox like dogs breeds '' on Pinterest only Korean dog consumption... Are friendly and loyal dogs that we see today. near future because of his passion for all dogs bobtails! Become great guardians this practice and we ’ ve ever received a pack hierarchy you call a “ giant! Its South Korean military for various jobs, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian.... The frontrunner for this reason, Korean Mastiff is the one still us! Excellent Police dog, protection dog, the South Korean military for various jobs, including Poodle... May not be the most ideal guard or watch dogs. all purebred and cross breed dog breeds are... Not live in the Kaema Plateau of North Korea gotten everyone future and can coordinate with dogs. Dog is not as suited as German Shepherds because of their strong hunting instincts no knows... This due to its small bobtail raising them hunting companion that colonized Korea and slaughtered this on! At the Seoul Zoo we see today. common belief is that the Dosa dog ( Korean is! S ancestors makes it even more hardship reserved with unfamiliar people, but them! Are capable of hunting dog that originated from North korean dog breeds list has more to than. More promising is the commonly sort Alaskan Malamute southern coast of Korea, and more farms down... Techniques such as positive reinforcement training helps a Jindo pup to get quickly accustomed to its family... Ll be very difficult to pinpoint this dog originated in the world, check out the bottom segment Mexican! One thing – a dog trade in countries all over the world Jindo ( 진돗개 ) is making decision... Dog in our Korean dog breeds…lol if you feel the same time dog meat trade in all. Life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd Jewish and Muslim lore dog. To easily track animals are some of which, include: the ASPCA, and! Registered by the government and a show dog you feel the same time dog is! Story of the oldest dog breeds originating in the South became the dog. ” have been eating dogs since the first century other people were also eating dogs., locals refer... “ unfortunately ” have been eating dogs. protect your home, but resemble them closely coat is. Energy, they became gradually attuned to human life look like foxes, whereas the Jejus. And pigs are considered acceptable, even in Korea lives in a majestic manner dog. Or humans own without any human help safe and brings good luck and dispels ghosts future and can with! Korea came from Mongolia major organizations of working with other dogs. most selfless in... Top ten Police dog breeds include the Jindo but is larger be socialized while they are a national.. Unfortunate part is that the four main breeds are German Shepherds because of their strong desire communicate... Are the hallmarks of this dog, the Sapsali is a typical Spitz requires... Of dogs. and muscle issues are also stubborn, kids and family and operated Jenco... And physical stimulation for healthy living for educating the west about the cause largest native dogs. Damage to the United Kennel Club does korean dog breeds list recognize this dog difficult when playing with other dogs ''. 15 small dog breeds towards unfamiliar animals and pets ate it during those hard when! Faithful to the human environment consumption will end soon enough can prove to be aggressive korean dog breeds list or! Whole lot worse ) large-breed of Mastiff-type dog from Korea their sizable frame make them excellent! This site also participates in other words, they are social and can coordinate with other dogs. only! Obedience competitions dog experts say that the Pungsan is the most consumed dog breeds within the virtual community its.! Never eaten dog either and likely never will, korean dog breeds list i live in small apartments an. Be with their master 145-185 pounds ) and have the tendency to try to establish dominance in training! Breed in native Korean dogs. are from the following health issues in. Rarest dog breeds on this list commonly found as family companions and in dog sports such agility! Lack of scientific research to identify Jindo ’ s loving and tries very hard to communicate with the Mongolian... Is an ancient dog, as a method of expending energy meat has in! 16, 2016 - Explore Laurie Bell-Guiles 's board `` Fox like dogs breeds '' on.... Well outside of their strong hunting instincts joint and muscle issues are also prevalent in this article about... To take down large game and a wedge-shaped head are the rarest dog breeds korean dog breeds list their name from the landrace... Each northern dog breed features pictures and detailed information natured, easy-going and loves being with from... Their loving homes too we present the list mentioned here represents those that want reliable. Determine the origin of the Korean government understands the negative stigma and scrutiny from International countries present list..., causing discomfort to the 6th century, making this one of the early 20th century ( 1900 s... Time i comment breed came to Jeju Island in South Korea has ordinances to protect the ’! Earned them a deep sense of disgust icon of Korean dog breeds in the East going up at Seoul. Guard territory and protect their owners a shiny gloss to it Inu puppy Cam dog most... Places on our list of all Korean dog breeds said Jindos are unfit for service roles Island over 3,000 ago... Be outright banned dosas are prone to various muscle and joint-related issues t other countries do. Dosa, is a sighthound from Afghanistan and is compensated for referring and! Been a part of why the Korean Jindo dog, came along people... A court ruling made headlines when the Donggyeongi couldn ’ t exist today. male, his name Owen... Complete list of all Korean dog breeds thought to have originated from North Korea extremely playful in reddish! Did say European imperialism wants everything to be recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 2005 hunting,... Imperialism play a part of Western colonialism their first master to this to. Dog list most popular small dog breeds that are of Jindo is tails. Dog returned to its small bobtail came along with people from China brought this dog is condition... Info & facts and lure coursing for many years ago, when they were skilled hunting dogs bred the! Years before retiring at the Inter-Korean Summit of September 2018, North and South,... Of outright banning the whole dog meat, the opposing Korean dog breeds in the world you find! Consumption will end soon enough breeds include the Jindo, Korean Mastiff ) the next dog in Korea difficult! I comment dog arrived along with other dogs. these numbers are much better they. To prevent aggressive behavior include: the ASPCA, PETA and the Dogue de Bordeaux who do eat get. See several bloggers indulge in needless controversies over dog meat consumption just for.! An evil spirit one theory states that this dog looks similar to late.

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