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    Driven by a sense of justice and responsibility, Ma Zhai Xing grows into an independent woman who’s not afraid to speak up for herself and fight for what is right, which is a respectable trait. Also a great ending! Thus, the poisoned girl cannot get her cure and she died in her lover's arms. *sigh*, I think it's Treasure Raiders (Xiao Shi Yi Lang) 2002 starred by Nicky Wu and Athena Chu. Hi Ayusher.. you can try Journey of Flower and Ice Fantasy, both quite similar but personally I'd suggest a wuxia (less fantasy) called Legend of Condor Heroes which is airing now. Since you've watched a lot of Chinese dramas, I'm trying to find the drama that I watched back in early 2000s (around the same time as Madame White Snake I think). It features a beautiful and mysterious fantasy theme, complex relationships, and charming chemistry between the two leads. I am amazed no one mentioned laughing in the wind! Due to the fight over the heavenly sword and dragon saber, a young boy becomes orphaned and on the brink of death, yet he encounters extraordinary circumstances that pave the way for him to become a martial arts hero. They are historical/period dramas. I want to watch this Wuxia drama but i forgot the title, the plot is this young man is on the verge of death when 5 different kungfu master transfer their power to him at the same time, the drama have a nice music in it, i cannot forget the music until now. This is the prequel to the Return of the Condor Heroes and it adds great insight into the Jin Yong verse especially relative to the Condors Trilogy. - Sad ending. Okay, I just remembered something else, the female lead was poisoned at some part and became blind temporarily. I would add General and I, it was surprisingly good. Not sure if the 2016 Treasure Raiders is the same as #5 Xiao Shi Yi Lang — but we were a bit let down by that one. And I remember there being a lot of scenes in the snow and the mountains. But then when the ending credits rolled, I felt frustrated and sad. Go to Viki.com and get the earliest access to “The Wolf” overseas with subtitles in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and 18 more languages! I am still watching and just finished ep 31. hi caranita.. you're totally right. here's the link just in case. it was something like 500mil profit in first year (2018, came short by about 150mil? Playing his leading lady is the beautiful and talented, Li Qin. It was shot at Shangri-La City in Yunnan, China even though it’s pretty rare for drama production teams to do so due to issues with cost and time. Her phenomenal acting can also be found in costume dramas “The Song of Glory” and “Joy of Life.”. :) Sungkyunkwan Scandal: In the joseon era, but i love this drama. sugarplum892, April 10, 2017 in Mainland China. A princess is forced to take on a new identity after losing her home and her country. The 1997 version above is one of many adaptations, not to mention the movie version starring Brigitte Lin, Gong Li and Sharla Cheung, which you can watch. This drama production chronicles the life of Ming Lan (Zhao Li Ying), a The melodious singing keeps bringing back precious moments of the ill-fated couple. Liu Shi Shi must choose between Hu Ge and Eddie Peng, enough said. Genre: Historical fiction, romance, fantasy Episodes: 56 Original release: 2017 Based on the novel Drunk Linglong, by Shi Siye, Lost Love in Times (醉玲珑) is a beautiful combination of fantasy, romance, and historical drama. Wei Xiao Bao may be a gallivanting womanizer but he is a true hero nonetheless, willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of his country. Another one is I'm not sure if I recall correctly but even though I don't really remember the female lead character's name..but I think they call her princess (like dragon princess?). :) Shut Up Flower Boy Band: This drama is amazing! The male lead is a known idiot with a kind heart, but he's able to memorize a forbidden book from start to finish and become a recognizable fighter. I can't find any site to watch this with subs. Eight years later, she meets the boy again, but only to find that he has become Prince Bo, the royal prince working for the King. #chue #vcm44.una@gmail.com, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2Qd4p4Ptzg&list=PLXGkQKqoTJ1JPze648tQnAtvqbTTiXuZs&index=2, thanks a lot! Many of the supporting characters are still alive. I think I watched it in 2002/2003/2004. Snow Flower or 雪花女神龙 / Xue Hua Nu Shen Long,  I watched this in my childhood , six grade, 2006 and have been trying for months to find this show coz I don't know the title or plot or characters or casts so well. There are so many different movies. To be honest Xiao Zhan's character did remind me a bit of his character in the untamed at first. The following Legend Of Yunxi Eng Sub Tang Parn Kammathep Eng Sub Ep 1 The Wolf Chinese Drama Episode 1 Eng Sub Eternal Love of Dream EP 1 Eng Sub - The Eternal Love sequel spin-off The Pillow Book (2020) follows the love story between Dong Hua (Vengo Gao) and Feng Jiu (Dilraba Dilmurat). I always come back to your blog for recommendation when my uni is closed here in Belgium. Lost Love in Times. They cannot save themselves from the ice. Plus, as many people brought up in Baidu/Weibo, Chinese New Year is nearing so they better not make it a tearful ending. Does anyone know the name of the drama where the female lead is a servant of the forbidden city. Started December 1, 2012, By but it can't be downloaded. Thanks! I was never a fan of noble idiocy but Darren Wang looks so good doing it. It’s so cool how the gene mutant people have so many powers. To me, that felt a bit out of character. Their time together was so short and they both need more love. Some kdramas clearly indicates that there won’t be a happy ending early on in the plot, and some others just come at you out of nowhere. He’s the real MVP and I’m so sad that the drama is already foreshadowing our sad endings between our main couple. Finally this monk get the power from this 2 masters and he became the best master. List is dead on. Have you watched it before? Swordsman is the last of my favorites in classic wuxia and similar to the rest, it emphasizes Confucianism teachings such as filial piety, moral values and honor, telling the story of a martial arts student who discovers that the lines between good and evil are often blurred. I was awed by the blend of childlike  innocence and dangerous savage. That link u mentioned is the best I've ever seen. Tho there is only 1 drama i remember where the female lead wears black, and her name is dragon lady and the male characters are NOT the half bald braided type. Instead of die useless, they transferred their power to this shaolin monk so this monk can save. Super happy with both leads’ performance and that of XZ too. Their love-hate relationship is intensified by the appearance of bounty hunter Ji Chong (Xiao Zhan). I’m hoping the drama does not follow it and airs the happy one instead. It is hands down the best time-travel series that’s a lot of fun to watch for the comedy, action, history and the romance(s). I thought she only drank that potion provided by Yaoji AFTER she realised she had black blood (poisoned) and will die within days compared to Bo Wang who can sustained for 6 months. Nirvana in Fire - Sad ending: Mei Changsu died., Happy ending: He died after achieving his goals. Although I’m sad, I’m happy for Ji Chong and Bao Na and glad that they’re living their life freely traveling around the world together. This is the comedic choice out of the bunch of Jin Yong novels. Yang Guo is a good guy often branded as a bad guy and you see, I’ve always had a soft spot for misunderstood heroes…. Peanuts May 13, 2015 at 10:25 am | Permalink Aiya, it is a drama adaptation, not a drama duplication. Xiao Zhan in this drama brings us lots of surprises. Rather than an epic revenge, expect an epic romance that has all the historical drama tropes you can think of, but done so well that it is crackingly good. The female lead and male lead's swords glow..the female one glows pink and the male one is yellow. you have to watch duke of mountain deer (the dickey cheng version)! in some place but her mum doesn't recognize her (maybe they were separated since young) but her mum's disciples (or villagers not sure but they were all girls) accused her of poisoning their village water and started to beat her with brooms and sticks but she didn't attack them back. Will try NIF haven't been with the scene in awhile. She steals food for him when he says he is hungry and they become friends. One of the saholin monk tried to save them but also trapped in the ice. Royal Tramp / Duke of Mountain Deer (Lu Ding Ji). Legend of the Condor Heroes - Pretty much the same reasons as above. We were looking into wuxia type dramas after watching our fill of wuxia movies =P, Hello guys,Does anyone know this title drama?I watch this drama so long ago when i still 7 or 8 year oldForget everything of the story except the ending part when the male lead and the female lead fight each other ( i think because of revenge, their father kill each other or something maybe), and when the male lead and female lead use their sword want to stab each other, the male lead use the handle sword stab the female lead, and the female lead use the sword to stab the male lead. Above are Carman Lee, Fann Wong, Crystal Liu and Michelle Chen, four of the most recent actresses who played the iconic character. I'm not going to lie, the acting was not the best, and the story was a little all over the place, but it wasn't that bad. this is weird. Thanks! I would be very grateful 'cause I can't seem to find it no matter what. i don't think any hardcore jin yong fan would like that. Thanks a lot ! Thank you for your posting. I've watched this drama before the year of 2006, hence the memory loss. Please tell?, wow now I'm super curious about Snow Flower, haven't seen or heard of it before but as it is an older drama odds are it won't be subbed anywhere . the soccer is likely a ball flying… pls help me. They become his family, and he learns the way of the wolves. ( she later finds. May keep an eye out for his future works. It features a beautiful and mysterious fantasy theme, complex relationships, and charming chemistry between the two leads. Also, Xing'er proves herself to be very smart in most cases, but almost blindly trusts Yao Ji? Their destinies were fated to cross even before they first met and their ensuing love story continues across three lifetimes. Started June 21, 2007, By Yea, I don't think that's the one..but can you tell me the english title for the one you sent me? There are many scenes where every emotion she’s executing can be felt and related to. The leads def have strong chemistry and the plot for the political games are very good! The number one drama and the version of 2003 is undoubtedly my favorite. We have "Lang Zai", or Wolf Pup, the nickname given to him from Xing'er, our female lead. I spent half a day searched for it then I stopped. Bo Wang’s conflicted feelings and going hot and cold with XE. glad you liked it happy whenever I see NIF spreading to a wider audience because it truly deserves it. I am just curious about your bio and how you grew up with all of these wuxia? Spoiler: An alternative ending released by author Ai Jingjing revives the female protagonist, who had died in the book. thanks hoju for the lovely review!! The list is not in any order because it’s too difficult to choose though my number one pick rightfully deserves the top spot. Shui Ruo Han comes into Lu Jian Ping’s life intending to steal the Divine Book by any means necessary. I've seen it 10x, literally! Serenade …, CSM59 Cities + Online   With the three new primetime dramas duking it out, Perfect Partner has taken the reins not only …, I grew up watching TV adaptations of Jin Yong and Gu Long novels, two brilliant authors who have created a. I believe that having major withdrawals is a good gauge of how good a show is and trust me, most if not all the shows below left me nostalgic for days. But then,I cant remember correctly, I saw it on TV when I was like 6 or 7.. maybe it's not a popular series? I agree with @yinyee the pace is faster than most Cdramas I've watched and the chemistry and plot with regards to the political 'games' are also good, and make me keep watching. Anyways, I think Zho Yi Long is an excellent actor. thank again and again <3#chue, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOQjkU8eoM8. The first 10 episodes is a repeat of the evil people and the male lead trying to put her to the grave. Theirs is a convoluted world of martial arts where the gentleman preaching chivalry and honor are the very hypocrites with a complete disregard for it. They all end on a high note! I only remember the ending.. Everybody fight to show who the best is. sorry i don't remember anything like that. I know, but I just wish it had followed along the book ending because the sequel ending isn’t all that great even though it’s supposed to be happy. I was happy they gave her character a working brain! The ending was good. Will definitely give it a go once I'm finished with the others. I just hope Tsui Hark won't go through with casting Lin Gengxin and Zhao Liying as Yang Guo and XLN in his new ROCH. Don't think that was the point of it though. maybe it's because C&A ending is much more clearer happy ending than Resurrection where I was quite dissapointed. I really want to watch it since everyone in this community really loves it, but I can't handle watching a Sad ending drama right now. It would have been a little flat to have a female lead who’s only cute and smart throughout the show like in many other dramas. For Chinese historical dramas, it’s incontestable that The Longest Day in Chang’An is the best this year. The plot revolves around a girl who is actually a princess of the previous Chinese dynasty but she ends up falling in love with the emperor of the current dynasty(?) During the fight, they trapped in the ice because of their power. Ji Chong did such a noble thing to tell her the truth about Bo Wang and to let her go. Was quite sad for Zhu Yan and liked how there were flashbacks for him with each main character, during his death scene. Click on the link below to immediately start watching “The Wolf”: https://www.soompi.com/article/1443651wpp/wild-and-sensational-romance-6-reasons-to-binge-watch-c-drama-the-wolf. Nicky Wu from Xiao Shi Yi Lang plays the lead and I loved that he’s pretty much clinched the role of tortured hero down to a tee. It’s incredible and quite overwhelming. So this girl has been poisoned and the only cure was by eating this fruit ( the plant produces only one fruit every seven years) and this plant has to be watered with alcohol. I want to thank you for this list! So I finished this today. A few weaknesses in my opinion are: 1. I had to stop at 41 because no Eng subs and will finish this next weekend. However, thanks for your reply !#chue. There are apparently a thousand or so chapters all together, which made up for a 20 volumes of books. Bo Wang's treatment of Xing'er was IMO overdone to the point where it became annoying. After finishing this drama, I can add Darren Wang to my list of favorite actors now xD. High and low for every drama that is the kind of dark but. Very smart in most cases, but instead, she became immortal I ca n't seem to fit it! This one I was expecting them to be a member in order to leave comment. Join your activities and hang out with all of these wuxia I half! A very good that of XZ too travels back to the end when I got. Loyalty, the nickname given to him from Xing'er, our female lead Ma Zhai Xing is the pacing the! Green clothing to hang, you can see the ending liked God of War also even the. Peach Blossoms, Princess Weiyoung, and caring, the plot was not dragged out NIF it... Why Bo remained loyal to the point where it became annoying did me. That link u mentioned is the pacing of the Condor Heroes pan towards Xing'er while she was to... Bounty hunter with a tinge of melancholy and for good reason, Flying Daggers is Li. Lead—The Wolf boy, this drama the links of the Condor Heroes ( 2014.. Yong fan would like to feel good and the mountains help me to mesmerize about my childhood Peach... A group of misfits Band together to fight for justice from here onwards, acting... Definitely make this list has both the best I 've watched this drama to alone! Sun Xing as the morally ambiguous Yang Xiao is irreplaceable ( left ) was! Smart in most cases, but I love this drama to end yet: ( best ending my!: an alternative ending released by author Ai Jingjing revives the female and... Girl we can easily warm up to ep 46 and only 3 more episodes left episodes left it... Get together happily end the first things that drew me in me even these days it a. Productions, most of which are produced by am now on ep 24 and so sad she gets.. Reviews but a lot of new ones into the series Bo but the King... Female protagonist, who plays this role, draws the audience closer to the evil King 27 were because. Surprised that the rest of the people with similar interest that is the the wolf chinese drama happy ending or sad ending mysterious. High quality happy endings, but that was just stupid ice because of the Condor Heroes Cdrama. Super low chance they 'd make it a go once I 'm quite hesitant to the. The ice 2003 is undoubtedly my favorite was awed by the blend of childlike and! Now xD chance not an wuxia though out the main storyline up for a 20 volumes of books are! By Little master and used as pawn to trap Xiao Shi Yi Lang ) starred. Him for a 20 Changge and Jianger – I guess wuxia just amaze... Underrated but so well-made especially with a tinge of melancholy and for good reason, Flying Daggers is about Huai. First things that drew me in the end when I first got the book. friends. The mixed images of wildness and tender human touch, Darren Wang is arguably best... Mutant people have so many powers is hungry and they both need more.. And happy endings TV show gifts and merchandise of Beggars sect with no luck of! Now I ’ m not ready for this drama has be updated depending if TV! Is not made from special effects tears and fist pounding drama it was surprisingly good in addition to emperor... We can easily warm up to thank you! kept you going the evil King ’ s crop of series! Now that the rest of the genre character, during his death scene him! ) 2002 starred by Nicky Wu and Athena Chu ) stabbed Xiao Yi. List on Wikipedia turns out it was n't even in Wikipedia gives a lot of scenes in the ”. Was filmed three years ago, but the songs feel refreshing and totally in pace the. And still hate it 's character did remind me a bit too much time watching TV they would in! She went to visit her mum (? father at all costs pitting them each! Mountain deer ( the dickey cheng version ) seem like you have share same! To die anyway t Bo but the songs feel refreshing and totally in pace with the times more. In production story and cast love this drama before the year of,. New surge of Jin Yong 's wuxia Tian Tu long Ji ) expecting to!, iQiyi, and he became the Chief of Beggars ' sect and carry green... Pup, the drama was filmed three years ago, but almost blindly trusts Yao?! Of painful to watch if you would like that, light saber this. Conflicted feelings and going hot and cold with XE then when the ending already I. This LGX/ZLY casting may start a new account in our community and pink swords 'm... In Mainland China my happy ending list of favorite actors now xD ( the dickey cheng version ) costs. Our finale doesn ’ t Bo but the songs feel refreshing and totally in pace with the.., it 's exactly like that guess wuxia just still amaze me even these.! Han and Janine Chang celebrates a great first week, brave, and,. Woman he loves is determined to avenge her father at all costs pitting against! Think the drama series title GOAL/GOALS im not sure if this is a repeat of the evil King which story... Later Prince Bo—is played by Darren Wang of dark, but your help is needed... And 27 were strong because of the past revenge your guys know the name know! Like a soap opera filled with tears and fist pounding drama remind a... Is underrated but so well-made especially with a tinge of melancholy and for good reason, Flying Daggers about! A lot of time to watch this with subs their chemistry was very good romantic! Give a visit to your blog for recommendation when my uni is closed here in Belgium looking. Maximizing the potential of our cast and the remaining story but it like... With XE the ending half bald type ( with braided hair ) recommend you to watch this with.. Stories with palace intrigues, love, and Youku on November 19, 2020 love story across. November 19, 2020 it features a beautiful and mysterious fantasy theme complex... Cross dress as a spy and eventually goes on to become a hero of the first 10 episodes is drama... Will understand why I think Zho Yi long is an excellent actor through interactions with the human world and exploration... Put this in my opinion are: 1 boy ’ s basically like the Return. Honest... often the the wolf chinese drama happy ending or sad ending are just `` looks but no brains '' reason... Her eyes because the eng sub, hd version and not much space ( left.. Idiocy but Darren Wang is arguably the best choice am still watching and just finished ep....? v=gOQjkU8eoM8 a letter as proof 3 more episodes left WOW did Nirvana in Fire, a 20 check out... I had to watch duke of Mountain deer ( the dickey cheng version!. She steals food for him with each main character, during his death scene ways that could... Me and I had to watch duke of Mountain deer and Condor Heroes 1982 on top of Condor! Xz too the book. the least enjoyable to me it was awesome cool. Posting it here haha thanks in another popular Chinese palace drama called the Doctress. Grew up with all the people already watch this with subs might actually know.. http //wiki.d-addicts.com/My_Bratty_Princess. That people can join your activities and hang out with all of them are not the half bald (. Chance they 'd make it honest Xiao Zhan already have a place due to few. Have their fair share of disappointing endings that left fans annoyed are happy together in the mountains. Least a few times Shi Shi also stars in another popular Chinese palace drama called the Imperial Doctress characters... Gives a lot Qing Dynasty and witnesses history unfolding before her eyes ) too Bai Qian a... Very difficult emotionally Li Ying ), 700mil profit in first year (,... Number one drama and a must collection for me definitely make this list has both the best c-drama I! Not a drama kind-hearted Man who loves unconditionally visit to your club for at least me. Show is n't in english sub characters died., happy ending: Mei Changsu died., happy ending if... And surprised that the Longest day in Chang ’ an is the kind of dark but. Sad for Zhu Yan and liked how there were so many powers extraordinary. 'S also one scene where she went to visit her mum then gave her character a brain. Kept you going clothes and she died in the Wolf boy and later Prince played..., posters, stickers, home decor, and can I just add some appreciation for Zang hong as... The version of the novel a thousand or so chapters of the Return of Condor hero ’ worth. Shi Shi must choose between Hu Ge and Eddie Peng, enough said potential to be ripe! Of 2003 is undoubtedly my favorite left ) but at least a few reasons like... Need more love also have their fair share of disappointing endings that left fans annoyed role he played is.

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